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793.8 Book
Book by Jeff Stone - $39.95

Presentation is where it's at. The connection between you and the audience is the true source of real magic. Gone are the "Put and Take" so called "presentations" of so called "magic." How do you connect with your audience? How do you find the magic in your effects? 793.8 turns magic, presentations...

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Carboné Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Patrick Kun - $6.00

From inside the head of Patrick Kun comes an extremely visual routine involving a signed card and 2 jokers. We get it -- the card sandwich plot has been done over and over, but NOT with the Patrick-visual-Kun-ness that is CARBONÉ. Here's the deal. You (the magician), place two jokers on to the...

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Chinese Chow DVD
Chinese Chow
DVD by Aldo Colombini - $10.00

This routine appeared in The Art Of Close-Up Magic Vol.1 written by Lewis Ganson. The effect evolved after studying Roy Benson's Balls and Bowl routine, in Bruce Elliott's book Classic Secrets of Magic and Senator Crandall's Cups and Balls routine in The Tarbell Course.Effect:A Chinese bowl is...

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Phoenix Marked Decks Set Deck of cards
Phoenix Marked Decks Set
Deck of cards by Card-Shark - $40.00

When we designed the Phoenix Deck, the Marked Deck was designed first, without ANY compromise in design and location of the markings. (The only difference to a standard Phoenix Deck: we remove the markings, leading into a "reverse engineering".) Believe it or not: we DOUBLED the number of marking...

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Mugshot DVD
DVD by Kevin Schaller - $25.00

Mugshot offers six practical and commercial effects that were designed to be performed on the street or at a serious magic gig. All Illusions are achieved without magnets, threads or complicated arts and crafts. Easy to do - Easy to succeed.DVD Contents:Singularity - Visual change of a playing...

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Roulette Download Magic download (ebook)
Roulette Download
Magic download (ebook) by Christopher Rawlins - $15.00

This attractive ebook features nine effects from the creator of “Reveal.” We’re also proud to present this ebook, in the traditional style, without any filler: just nine solid, clever, thought-provoking mentalism routines. You’ll read “Scramble,” a bold take on a word revelation,...

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Unveil DVD
DVD by Hyunjoon Kim - $99.95

Here comes the first lecture DVD "Unveil" by Hinging Kim, the Winner of 2012 World championship F.I.S.M Manipulation. You will be able to learn card & ball manipulation from the basic techniques to original techniques that was shown on F.I.S.M. We are proud to present the best cinematography...

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Celebration Of Sides Magic download (video)
Celebration Of Sides
Magic download (video) by Robert Neale - $14.95

Celebration of Sides will expose you to many unusual facets of the unique Robert Neale.Meet Neale the Topologist, the Artist, the Philosopher and the Trickster. Join Neale the Teacher as he leads you on a personal tour of his world...a nonsense world that will distort your perception and alter your...

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Card in What?  Magic download (video)
Card in What?
Magic download (video) by James Coats - $14.95

Imagine being able to make a signed card appear anywhere you wanted. Join James Coats and Harley Davidson model Leticia, as they reveal these fantastic secrets. You will learn the following: Card in spectator's bra Card in spectator's underwear Card through window Signed card in box Card to anywhere Card to wallet This DVD also contains 4 different card forces and a card control method that allows you to know your spectator's card at all times.

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Collision DVD
DVD by Tom Wright - $95.00

The Ultimate Airborne Card Stab! COLLISION is the ultimate ending to your favourite card routine. Have a card selected and the corner torn, or have the card signed. You can even use their very own business card. It's folded up and mixed with others. All the cards can be thrown by the spectators or...

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