Jon Armstrong Live Lecture

Live lecture by Jon Armstrong ($24.95)

People know Jon Armstrong for his trick, "Tiny Plunger". He will perform and explain this effect in detail.

But people don't realize Jon is also a creative force who has assisted Disney Imagineers, comic book creators, and films, all in the pursuit of thinking creatively. Jon brings a comic-book approach to his magic, which he will discuss with us in great detail. In this two-hour event, he will also perform and explain some of his best creations, including some of the new material he has not yet shared elsewhere.

Magic live lectures

What can you expect at a Vanishing Inc. Magic live lecture experience?

1. Don't worry if you miss the live lecture — you can download it afterwards.
We promise to make the lecture available for download within 24 hours of it airing. So if you miss the lecture or want to watch it again, it will be yours to download. None of this "watch it and lose it" stuff. Once you purchase the lecture, it's yours in your download area forever. Enjoy it over and over again.

2. We'll keep the lecture focussed and full of tricks!
We won't just throw people in front of the camera. Josh and Andi will work with each presenter to bring you UNIQUE content. We like the idea of special topics, and we think you will, too.

3. You'll be able to interact with the lecturer.
This will be the MOST interactive way to watch a lecturer. YOU will have access to the artist and a chance to ask questions and learn what YOU want to, using our chat tool.

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