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Confident Deceptions - magic

Confident Deceptions is our latest hardcover release—240 pages, over 150 full-color photographs, with dustjacket. It is the stunning debut effort from Jason Ladanye, one of Darwin Ortiz's star protégés. The material is a mixture of magic and gambling demonstrations, and in each of the eighteen routines, Ladanye demonstrates his ability to maximize the impact of an effect. Some of the effects are quite challenging, but each one looks absolutely impossible.

Ladanye studied under Darwin Ortiz (who provides a praiseworthy introduction to these pages), and Ortiz's impact is evident in the offbeat nature of the plots and the clarity of the magic.

You will learn finesse points on moves you already know, as well as polished material ready to be inserted into your own card programs. In the magic marketplace it no longer makes financial sense to spend two years producing a comprehensive hardcover book. It's a good thing we don't care about that! This is a beautiful book worthy of careful study, and the book was written with the same care and precision that goes into all the great works of magic.

To really understand a performer, you need to see him perform for a live audience, and therefore, we have included a 20-minute performance DVD featuring some of the highlights from the book.

"A master of artifice, ruse, and subterfuge at the card table. Within these pages is offered up some of the finest constructions I've seen, masterfully routined for maximum impact and pure entertainment in the tradition of Darwin Ortiz and beyond." Jack Carpenter
"A superb technician, the very definition of a professional performer... this material will absolutely delight connoisseurs of strong magic." Andrew Wimhurst
"A cardician whose passion for the subject is second only to the uninhibited skill he has worked hard to achieve. He brings a refreshing perspective to the subject. His material and virtuosity sparkle with raw power and energy." Michael Vincent

See Jason perform Best for Last from Confident Deceptions.

240 full-color pages with performance DVD included.


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Customer reviews for Confident Deceptions

Tom Duffy

I occasionally have a nightmare involving having to sell off magic books for cash. In the dream, there are always the same handful of authors whose books I would hold onto no matter what: Ortiz, Swain, Elmsley, Dingle, Wonder.

Now, I've had to add another name to that list: Ladanye.

This books is just an incredible piece of work, a pleasure to read (as well as watch the DVD included), and has effects in it that will literally make your audience scream in amazement.

Jason knows what real card magic should be, down to the smallest details, and doesn't try to come up with "magician foolers" (although a number of these will fool those in the know). He creates solid, well thought out, and intriguing material that is extremely commercial and will have the audience convinced that you can do the impossible. These effects leave them with no other choice but to come to that conclusion.

So thanks Jason and Vanishing Inc. This is going on the same shelf with the other books that I would risk my life to save in a fire.



Will Dryer

I have just completed my first read-through of Jason's book. It's pretty much all I've been doing since it arrived the other day. This kid (I say kid because I'm twice his age) is absolutely brilliant. He gets it, and the material is staggering. These routines are lengthy, but they are also smart, and keep the audience focused on the magic.


Matthew Pritchard

Fantastic! THis book is gorgeous. Beautiful layout, nice descriptions, and terrific material. I had not heard of Mr Ladanye before but I can tell you I am a fan now. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes good magic and gambling material.


Peter Anderson

Thank you Vanishing Inc for putting out beautiful, stunning books! The Ladanye book is the best release of the year in my opinion. Keep 'em coming!


Neil Woodward

LOVED the book. Pick it up right away. Worth every penny. Will you make DVDs of his work?


Terry Morgan

I am currently reading this book and it is one of the best written and illustrated books in my (extensive library). The well written explanatory text is accompanied by beautiful color photographs. The effects (Magic and Gambling) are outstanding. Difficulty of the effects ranges from easy to difficult. But there is nothing in the book that cannot be learned with practice and dedication. One of the easier effects in the book "Forging Ahead' is easily worth the price of the entire volume to a working Magician. The book comes with a DVD with performances of many of the effects in the book. There are no pipe dreams in this book only strong entertaining Card Magic.


Samuel Reynolds

Jason’s recent release; Confident Deceptions, is one of the best books I have ever read (not just for cards, but magic in general).

My favorite effects from the book are “The Player” and “Forging Ahead” and I cannot wait to add them to my repertoire. Saying that, this is the only magic book I’ve read where I would be willing to perform every effect in its pages.

Like a lot of magical literature, Jason states the scripts he uses for each effect. However, what’s been written is far from the norm - It isn’t the boiler plate patter that no audience is interested in. This is engaging, meaningful and “strong.” As far as I am concerned, Jason’s scripts should not to be copied. Instead, like the technical descriptions they are to be used as a reference tool. After you read the wording, you begin to understand how and when convincers, descriptive patter and story based lines should be used. I fear this is something a lot of people will overlook.

I am overly critical of most things in magic, yet I’m struggling to find flaws in Jason’s work. The effects are strong, the descriptions are clear and I enjoyed the content so much that I finished the book in one day.

In conclusion, I believe that any upcoming publications have a lot to live up to.


Thomas Wayne

I’ve been studying confident deceptions ever since It first arrived at my doorstep and I’ve just finished my second reading of the book and I thought it would be great to write a review on what I think about the extraordinary card magic of Jason Ladanye.
I’ve been speaking to Jason for quite some time now and we’ve had many great conversations about magic, probably because we are both students of the work of Mr. Darwin Ortiz. So when I found out Jason was about to put out a book I was really excited to finally see his own magic being put into the printed word.
Confident Deceptions is a rarity, every single effect in there (and I really mean every single one of them) is exquisitely designed to maximize audience impact. Jason’s got a kind of sixth sense for strong magic (something that Mr. Ortiz warns us about during the introduction of the book) and It really shines in every single presentation as well as in every method.
The book has a similar structure to any of the Ortiz titles in the sense that each effect is broken into several different subtitles in order to organize all of the information regarding said effect. You first find the title followed by a little quote that relates to the contents being discussed (Being an amateur writer myself, I was surprised to find several Robert Mckee references) then you’ve got the method, followed by a comments section and the credits and inspiration. Jason has been wise to actually include his script for every effect, something that Darwin Ortiz has occasionally done in some of the effects from his book “Scams And Fantasies with Cards” (2002).
The comments section is where the deviousness of Jason’s thinking is fully displayed and therefor appreciated by the connoisseur of strong magic. As a matter of fact, something that happens to me when reading any of the Ortiz books is that sometimes I may come up with an alternative method while reading the effect, only to find out that Darwin had already thought of it and discarded it for something that I had not thought of. I was delighted when the same thing happened with many of Jason’s effects from Confident Deceptions.
If asked to name a few of my favorites I would have to go for Through and Through, which is an excellent solution to a problem that Darwin Ortiz originated in his book Strong magic (1994). The method, once again is extremely clever and well-constructed.
However, my absolute favorite effect from there is Best for Last, an effect in which the magician demonstrates that he can cut to any poker hand called for, In fact he ends up cutting to each one of the hands from lowest to highest.
I could go on and on listing the effects that I like the most because in fact I love them all.. Jason’s magic takes the Ortiz philosophy and breathes new air into them, or better said, it injects it with steroids.
Jason Ladanye is an individual who is talented, creative and clever, but most importantly He’s extremely humble and generous, that combination tells you that He’s is set for greatness.


Vincenzo Spinelli

Great book with great effects and gambling demonstrations from a very talented mind in magic. This one is for sure within the 5 books ever written in magic. Thats my honest opinion. Hope there will be more from Jason, the magic community needs more of this stuff!!!!


Claudio Di Caprio

Did you know that Magic has the most vast bibliography of all subject?well, you can imagine,in this vast number of tricks,effects, how difficult it's to find something original.Our biggest limit?Our immagination!! "Confident Deception" the very first book of this "new entry" within the BIG names of card magic,Jason Ladanye,in my modest opinion, is a clear example of pure magic and a succesful attempt to find originality!the different effects and subterfuge explained in the 240 pages of this book ( i particulary loved arcane control for the audience reaction) left me positivly surprised and added some of this to my routines! the explantion of some techniques, the style in wich the book is written , the detailed explanation of the pattern and in the comments, the pics and, as i started earlier,the Originality make this a masterpiece that i from my experience highly recommend!! enjoy!


Jerry Danes

I do not like this book....I love it. If you, like me are a fan of Darwin Ortiz`s material you will also become a fan of Jasons book. Please do yourself a favor and study it but make sure you master all of the various sleights that is required for the effects because otherwise you will not make the book justice. If you are a serious cardmagician you should purchase this. But i have to admit that i wish that no one buys it or any of Ortizes books or dvds simply because i want to be the only one except Jason and Darwin who can perform it as good as them.

Jerry Danes Stockholm