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Trick by Mathieu Bich ($50.00)

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Wow! We haven’t been so badly fooled since we saw Holy Blank! What we love about this trick is the “beautiful mind” effect it has on us. What we mean by this is that after watching this video trailer, we think to ourselves, “The person who thought of this has a beautiful, offbeat way of approaching magic.” Not just anyone could have invented this: it’s a Mathieu Bich brand of genius.
Many of you may not know Mathieu Bich. He is a clever Paris-based magician and we’re big fans. We’re not carrying everything he puts out because either we don’t feel it’s practical or there are moments in the trick we’re not crazy about. But upon close review, we’re huge fans of this trick and the props you get will allow you to perform it forever.

It’s a NAMED card…remember that.

Includes: Specially Printed deck of cards and Instructional CD Rom for Mac & PC.

(Only available in English at this time).
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