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Magic Atlas - magic

When Joshua Jay first came onto the scene, he wrote and published this book. The layout is corny, and he didn't have the writing experience he has now, yet the book is full of whimsical, strange plots and creative ideas.

Joshua Jay's, Magic Atlas is a map guiding you through the uncharted territory on the philosophy of magic, as well as six adventurous chapters filled with creative magic using:
Finger Rings
A Remote Control
A Paintbrush
And Much Much More!

This book is a must for any performer!

Pages 184 - Hard Bound


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jonathon allwood

Joshua Jay book is a delightful miracle! for any one who love to do stage ,close up and mentalism the secrets with in will wow your friends and the magician clubs you go to! It an magician's magician hand book! Ultra-clean original magic with cards, coins, and rope! The best book that I loved in a long time! His art is a new force that an 16 old needs!