Magic by Luke Dancy

Skycap Trick
Trick by Luke Dancy - $39.95

This normal looking water bottle cap is actually an EXQUISITELY ENGINEERED LOCKING GIMMICK that's 100% EXAMINABLE at the end of the effect! NO SWITCHES! NOTHING TO DITCH! You start with NOTHING IN YOUR HANDS but an empty water bottle and it's cap. You tightly screw the plastic cap onto your bottle....

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Sin City DVD
Sin City
DVD by Luke Dancy - $40.00

Luke Dancy has once again assembled a collection of his finest and most visual "not just card" magic. A Misleading SituationIt's not just's a miracle. A pencil sharpens right in front of the spectator's eyes in your bare hand. Impulsive OMG!...another 4 ace production.911Need help? Call...

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Misprint Trick
Trick by Luke Dancy - $10.00

Luke Dancy has a devious mind. His devious creations have made him a world-renowned magician. He works for Criss Angel doing devious things. Misprint is one of Luke's coolest tricks. It's a completely new plot in magic: you come across a really badly printed Bicycle card (which can be signed)...

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