Magic by Peter Nardi

Thoughtless DVD
DVD by Peter Nardi - $40.00

Thoughtlessby Peter NardiFrom the mind of Peter Nardi comes Thoughtless a mind-boggling, two deck triple whammy! The spectator names a card from a red deck. This is removed and placed aside. He takes out a blue deck that has been in his pocket all along and counts through the cards face up - sure...

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Sharpie Through Card  DVD & props
Sharpie Through Card
DVD & props by Peter Nardi - $28.99

Peter Nardi has created an up to date version of Rob Bromley's classic Cigarette Through Card effect. Making it an effect that every magician should own and perform. Imagine if you could penetrate a signed card with a regular Sharpie and then hand both items out completely unharmed! ...

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Simplex Monte Trick
Simplex Monte
Trick by Peter Nardi and Rob Bromley - $28.99

The Three card Monte/ Find The Lady Is a scams that's still used by con men and grifters on the streets the world over. Simplex Monte takes this classic street hustle to a new visual level that has never been possible before. Rob Bromley has created a gimmick which turns this once...

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Extractor V2 E2 DVD
Extractor V2 E2
DVD by Peter Nardi - $80.00

Do you want to make a signed card appear impossibly in your pocket, a signed selection appear in a sealed deck of a different colour - IN THE CORRECT POSITION and choose which brand of poker cards you install your gimmick into? "The Extractor is one of the most incredible devices I...

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V Deck Trick
V Deck
Trick by Peter Nardi - $38.99

We have seen this effect in person and can verify that what you see in the trailer is EXACTLY what the spectator will remember seeing—no deceptive editing. There is SOMETHING that occurs to make this work, but it's imperceptable, easy to do, and never seen. This is a PRACTICAL card...

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Infinity Wallet DVD & props
Infinity Wallet
DVD & props by Peter Nardi - $140.00

Following the worldwide success of the Stealth Assassin, we have had countless requests for a peek wallet that incorporates a good card to wallet, a peek and will fit in the back pocket. With over two years of development, after much design and numerous prototypes The Infinity Wallet is finally...

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Extractor Trick
Trick by Peter Nardi - $100.00

"The Extractor is one of the most incredible devices that I have ever seen in card magic." - David Blaine If a trick has a quote by David Blaine, it must be good, right?! Well, not necessarily, but in this case - yes! Peter Nardi first performed Extractor for me a couple of years ago,...

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