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Pop Haydn's Chicago Surprise DVD
Pop Haydn's Chicago Surprise
DVD by Pop Haydn - $20.00

This is the all new DVD on Pop Haydn's wonderful routine, The Chicago Surprise. It contains over an hour of detailed instructions on the handling and presentation of this classic, and two live performances of the routine at The Magic Castle.This is one of the strongest card tricks you can do -- It...

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4-D Surprise Trick
4-D Surprise
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $55.00

In front of your audience, you assemble two plates and a semi-transparent box. They can clearly see that there is nothing inside the box. However, when you raise the box, a Statue of Liberty figurine magically appears in the empty space! It has always been a magician's dream to make a solid object...

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Chicago Surprise Book
Chicago Surprise
Book by Pop Haydn - $20.00

Chicago Surprise is a card routine developed by Whit Haydn that substantially strengthens the impact of Chicago Opener / Red Hot Mamma. Considered by Haydn to be the strongest card trick he does, it's the opener of his act and apparently of the first tricks he teaches his students....

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