The Vanishing Inc. Advantage

Shopping with Vanishing Inc. isn't like shopping with other magic shops. It's an experience and we're here to make it the best ever. Here's why we're different:

1. We're selective about what we stock
It's too easy for a magic shop to buy one of everything and try to pimp it to you. We're not interested in that. We only stock the products that we believe in, meaning that you never have to waste another dollar on crap magic again!

2. We offer free shipping
You read that right...we offer free shipping on many items in our shop, to most customers around the world. It's a sacrifice we wanted to make to help out the magicians around the world that support Vanishing Inc. Magic.

3. We tell you like it is
Most magic marketing copy is written by the creators of the tricks. They're biased and they want you to buy their product. So, unlike other magic shops, we write many of our own product descriptions to help ensure that you're buying the right product for you.

4. We have amazing customer service
We have put together a team of experts that are happy to answer any questions about the products that we stock. We're only ever a phone call or email away ... and you can ask us anything!

5. We highlight what's good; not what's new
The newest thing isn't always the best thing. So, instead of selling you the latest crap, we're more interested in helping you choose from a range of the most amazing magic ever created ... not the best magic created in the last month!

6. We produce our own products
We're not just a magic shop; we produce products by the world's best magicians. Just check out our exclusives page to see all of the great magic that we have produced in house at Vanishing Inc. Magic.

7. We travel the world and find the best material for you
Vanishing Inc. co-founders Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay are rarely at home. Their travels take them to some amazing places and in the process, they hunt down the best magic that you would have never seen before. And it'll all be available right here on Vanishing Inc.

Start shopping at Vanishing Inc. today!