Giving back to the magic community

We (Josh and Andi) started magic at a young age, and we owe much of our success to the help we encountered when we were kids. Showing support to young magicians is close to both our hearts, which is why we're doing everything we can to help the next generation. And you can too! Read on to find out about our exciting charity.

1. We offer Under, Over, a 90-page ebook for young, serious magicians free. It's Joshua Jay's critically-acclaimed booklet on how to approach magic as a young magician, and we make it available to anyone at all, for free. Download it HERE.

2. Both Andi and Josh write monthly columns in major magazines addressed to youth in magic: Josh writes a serialized column in M-U-M and Andi writes one in Young Magicians Club magazine.

3. We created a charity to fund one young magician's trip to Sorcerer's Summer Safari Magic Camp, based on financial need. We believe that the skills a child learns at magic camp are life-changing, and we want to help someone get there who might not otherwise afford it. And you can help! Every time you order, you have the option to donate 2, 5, 10 or any dollar amount to our charity. One hundred percent of the profits go to the charity. At the Columbus Magi-Fest, we announce the winner, and we're so pleased to change lives, one magician at a time. We hope you will contribute to this important, worthwhile cause. Please remember it as you're checking out.

The youth of today are tomorrow's magicians. We do have an obligation to help them become all they can be. It advances the art, and also changes lives.