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Empty Trick
Trick by Sumit Chhajer - $49.95

Show an empty box completely empty from all sides and then get the power to magically produce chains, cookies, silks, bracelets, etc... from nowhere.Is it really possible to produce anything from an empty box?Yes... you can produce things, multiple times from an empty box. You will get the...

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Empty (DVD and Gimmick) DVD
Empty (DVD and Gimmick)
DVD by Marcus Eddie - $35.00

Marcus Eddie's ingenious EMPTY is more than a device for producing a full deck of cards from an empty card box. EMPTY is more than a mere trick. It is a utility device that is as devious as its creator. Eric Jones Best thing I saw at Magic Live! Jon Armstrong EMPTY...

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The Empty Multiple Out Envelope Magic download (video)
The Empty Multiple Out Envelope
Magic download (video) by Scott Creasey - $29.95

In this 40 minute instant download video, Scott explains and demonstrates how to manufacture the "Empty Multiple Out Envelope", a utility device he has been using in both his close up and stand up performances for years. With a couple of envelopes and a pair of scissors, once you have...

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