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Bubble University

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Bubble University

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Online course by Carisa Hendrix ($280.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Bubble University - magic
Bubble University Bubble University Bubble University Bubble University

Want to create a whole new show to sell to your clients? Or elevate your act by adding something extraordinary? When you enroll in Bubble University, you’ll soon be performing your own, highly interactive, mind-blowing Bubble Show for family audiences at birthday parties, preschools, libraries—anywhere kids and their parents gather for fun. Bubbles are whimsical, engaging and have capabilities that are downright magical!

Check out the video above!

Why Bubbles? You can do more—a lot more—with bubbles than people think. It’s easy to tailor the show to satisfy educators and parents. You can teach real-world science concepts including air pressure, surface tension and 3D shapes. You’ll wow kids and their parents with bubblicious surprises.

When you take the course at BubbleU, you’re taking a Master Class in bubble making. You’ll have access 18 video tutorials starring Carisa Hendrix. They are easily digestible—each between 8 and 25 minutes long—and filled with everything you need to know to make your new show a success. She’s a full-time professional magician and bubbleologist in Canada who’s been doing Bubble Shows for five years.

Here’s what’s included in the course:

  • 18 Bubble-smithing Video Tutorials
  • Hours of performance material
  • Bubble activities
  • Bubble recipes
  • Bubble gags
  • Full scripts
  • Print materials
  • Marketing guides
  • Original bubble music
  • Character creation
  • Show structuring tips & tricks
  • Bi-weekly live Coaching through Live Streaming video
  • Access to the Bubble community
  • Wholesale prices on all Bubble U kits and wands

Best of all, Carisa shows you how you can buy all the props for a complete Bubble Show from a Dollar Store for less than $50! Carisa will show you how.

Bubble University was launched in August of 2018. When you sign up, you can watch the existing videos at your own pace. You can also jump into the private Facebook Group for extra free support. Every few weeks, there’s live coaching through live streaming video on your internet. Additional videos will be added in 2019 as Phase II, launches which will include detailed marketing strategies and free graphics for you to promote your new show.

For about the price of one show plus your dedication to learning a new craft, you can create a whole new show to market and perform to your client base. For the professional kids entertainer this is a wonderful opportunity to get a new skill, expand your performing horizons, increase your income, and have fun learning how to entertain with bubbles!


Community questions about Bubble University

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  • 1.

    Darrel asks: How do you do bubble shows in a family’s living room? Doesn’t the prospect of a mess scare people away from a booking?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: From Carisa: "That is a question I get all the time. Some parents are sometimes concerned about potential mess for a living room show. The show I teach on Bubble U is designed to be an easy show to perform with minimal mess. I always put down a mat, but I hardly need it. The bubble solution we recommend is a little heavier than most causing the mess from a popped bubble to fall straight down back into your tray. We also teach how to control the movement of the bubbles so they stay in your performance area. In my 8 years with this show, I never once had a complaint about mess even from the most nervous of moms on the fanciest of new carpets.
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  • 2.

    Quenorie asks: I often do shows outdoors, can you do this show outdoors? Do factors such as wind affect the performance and would harsh sunlight affect the visibility of the bubbles? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can, but wind may affect your performance. The stronger the wind, the more challenging it will be. The bubbles should be visible under the sun without any issues.
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  • 3.

    Michael asks: How long does it usually take to present a full bubble show to children from what Bubble University teaches?

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