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Custom Party Prep Video


Custom Party Prep Video

97.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Matt Falloon ($97.00)

Ever wish your birthday party client had everything “just right” when you arrived?

  • A parking space reserved for you
  • Toys hidden so they won’t distract the kids
  • A room that’s just the right size
  • A start time that anticipates late comers
  • Seating for the adults
  • …and more

AmazeKids has the solution. It's a "How to Prepare for a Performer" video that you send to the Mom and Dad of the birthday kid. It's fun to watch, animated and just 3 minutes. Our partner in this project Matt Falloon made one for Danny Orleans to send to his clients. Check it out. You’ll see why it gets results. Plus, it’s a testament to your professionalism and effort to make their kid’s party the best ever.

And now, through a special partnership with AmazeKids, Matt will customize a video for you. He'll do his best to make sure:

  • The performer character matches your look and the colors of your costume.
  • Your logo and website appear at the end.
  • Your choice of narration in English, with a British, Australian or American accent.

Right after you place your order, you’ll get an email from us requesting your website and images of you and your logo. Once you send the files, we’ll work with Matt and send you a link in less than ten days so you can download and start sharing your video. Get your Custom Party Prep Video and you’ll get better cooperation from your clients, better audiences, and a better show.

Please note: While we will go to every effort to match your outfit and build exactly, it will not always be identical. Nor can we customize the actions of the figure.


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  • 1.

    Jasmin asks: Hello, is it also possible to make the video for artists in germany.? Best Regards Jasmin Schnell from Clown Kuni

    • 1. Wolf answers: I also would like to know!!!
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  • 2.

    James asks: Can the video be tweaked. For example, I don't want the kids to arrive 30min before a show so can that bit be removed or edited? Thanks

    • 1. Ivan answers: I think it's possible, please order and drop us an email with more detail information
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  • 3.

    Adrian asks: Hi , Understand that this will provide client with information for your arrival and setup etc.... I however whould like to know if it could be used as a Advertising demo to Book shows as lead generation .....?

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Custom Party Prep Video by Matt Falloon