The Haunted Pack (Matthew Wright)

Magic download (video) by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd
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The Haunted Pack (Matthew Wright)

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Magic download (video) by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd ($13.00)

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More than two decades ago, Matthew Wright witnessed Eugene Burger perform what he still believes is the greatest magic trick he ever saw.

Sitting in the dark lobby of an Amsterdam Hotel, a young Matthew Wright was enthralled by his mentor Eugene Burger. At one point, Eugene Burger performed an effect he had spent a lifetime perfecting. He performed the classic Haunted Deck. However, in Eugene's hands, it was a truly impossible miracle.

All these years later, Matthew is excited to share everything he has learned about the trick over the last two decades. Whether you've already studied the Al Baker classic, otherwise known as "the pack that cuts itself", or are brand new to the Haunted Deck, this is a must watch. This is one of the most visual and amazing magic tricks you can perform and now you'll get exclusive access to the secrets behind the "Haunted Deck"—a trick that takes minutes to learn and will last you a lifetime.

Matthew does a stellar job teaching this classic magic trick, sharing his own twists and insights, while also paying homage to his mentor Eugene Burger.

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I'm going to be honestI bought this thinking there must be a better method to the haunted deck than I had learned and I was quite surprised, the method was great but I didn't want to use it as ny go to haunted deck method so using some of the concepts in this I made my own version and it ended up being awesome I think that this video was very much so inspirational to the effect I made and I owe my thanks to Matthew



An entertaining explanation of this well known effort but with a method that leaves the pack clean for handing out. Wish it came in physical kit form, namely on DVD, along with "items needed" and that lovely minature candle stick though. A little expensive for just a brief
performance (no audience) and explanation (maybe 20 mins with lots of filler) but use your reward points to bring it down in price :-)


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  • Philip asks: Looks great. What is the skill level of this trick? Would you say easy enough for someone pretty new to magic or an intermediate? Many thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would need to practice it, but yes, a beginner could do this effect with practice. The effect is very well taught and it's a nice introduction to this type of method.
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