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Aqua Vase Trick
Aqua Vase
Trick by Ickle Pickle - $55.00

An attractive aluminum 'aqua' vase is shown empty. At your will, it fills with water. The vase is emptied and again it becomes filled with water. And again and again and again! Dimensions: 7-1/8" TALL x 4" DIA (18.1cm x 10.16cm)

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Aqua Change Vase Trick
Aqua Change Vase
Trick by Uday Jadugar - $32.00

An empty vase and a cylinder are clearly shown. Water or some liquid is visibly poured into the vase and covered with the cylinder and a magic spell is applied on the vase. The cylinder is then removed and the contents of the vase are thrown out at the audience. The audience expects to be...

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Three Incredible Color Changes Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Three Incredible Color Changes
Magic download (video) by Tony Chang, Michael Brewer and Hudson Taylor - $20.00

This week, we wanted to go back and revisit some of our best downloads. Specifically, color changes. We have hand-picked these three because they are all very magical looking, they are all practical and they are all taught in great detail. Each change will take some practice but we're sure you'll...

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