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Alex Pandrea Live Lecture DVD DVD
Alex Pandrea Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $9.95

Alex Pandrea has surged to the cutting edge of sleight of hand magic. In a unique format, we'll explore the three facets of Alex's career. He began performing close-up at restaurants, where his material had to be quick, visual, and perfect for small groups. That evolved as Alex became immersed in...

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Arson DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $24.95

Our friend Alex Pandrea is digging deep into his repertoire--this is one of his oldest, and perhaps most commercial effects. It's basically Red Hot Mama, but with lovely routining and the clever addition of making the effect more visual by vanishing the lighter. A card is selected and...

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Alex Pandrea Live Lecture Live lecture
Alex Pandrea Live Lecture
Live lecture by Alex Pandrea - $7.95
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Alex Pandrea is the new kid on the block, but already he has made a name for himself in magic. This is an opportunity to spend two hours with a rising star in magic, and pick his brain about how he creates sleights, how he assembles effects, and the approach he takes with his magic....

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