Chris Hestnes


Chronographic is one of 13 original card flourishes featured on Papercuts, an original collection of cardistry from Chris Hestnes. 


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Customer reviews for Chronographic


I actually own the papercuts Collection and this was the first flourish I learnt from the Collection cause it is one of those flourishes that is simple to perform with the exception of a few moves yet it looks a lot harder than it actually is. It has a really good rhythm and a nice smooth flow and is a real eye catcher.



Chronographic is the cut that will retain the bottom packet of the deck. But it looks really like a real full deck shuffle. This is suitable in either magic tricks or flourishing. You can retain your 4 Aces on bottom and have them in a nice production after this cut. Or you can use it to show your beautiful skills when you are doing a card trick.



The rhythm of Chronographic is not something you find often from most flourishers. It is refreshing and inspirational. It retains the bottom card but it seems like a full mix. This is one of my favorites!



I love this flourish when executed smoothly it looks like a whole lot more is going on and this obviously works in your favour. It has a really nice flow from start to finsh making this flourish eye candy to watch.