Michael Feldman


End-for-End is an exciting new pen routine developed by Michael Feldman. Incorporating classic ideas and new concepts, Feldman has constructed a fun routine full of magical surprises. Watch as an ordinary pen vanishes, reappears and changes color right before your eyes!


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Customer reviews for End-for-End


This really is an awesome trick and Michael did a great job developing something everyone can do with a simple every day object. It's great for impromptu magic and it amazes everyone I do it for. The only thing I dont like about it is how you end the trick openly, its a bit obvious to me (maybe because I'm doing it), but nobody has caught me yet!



No matter how many times I watched this I was fooled every time. So I decided to buy it and now that I finally can do it I'm the one fooling people. It's a great trick with a pen instead of a deck of cards, which gives your magic a variation. I would highly recommend this!!



Considering the material, this is a great price. Had I paid twice the price, I would have been equally happy as I am now. What's really great are the details. Pay attention to the small moves. I love this routine. I have been performing Greg Wilson's Recap for years and End for End is like the next step as, evidenced by the performance video. Even without doing the entire routine, it is filled with sublime little elements that are fun to do on their own. Thank you, Dan, Dave and Michael.



What I love about Michael's work is that his is that of a true performer. Everything that he releases has been tested and refined. This little beauty will mix up your magic. A magician is only a magician when someone hands him an object, says "do something amazing," and he delivers. That's what you get with Michael's work. He goes into great detail and makes sure that nothing is overlooked. A great piece of work that everyone should learn.



The effect is very visual, and if you are a student, this is the best trick to perform at school.

It is great and not expensive.

Don't think about it, buy it!



I love this! So visual, and so different! I love the idea of some awesome magic with an everyday object like a pen. I can't wait to perfect this and perform it! So fun and visual!



As a card magician, you'll be frequently asked if you can do something else rather than card tricks. With this, now you have that "plan B" for when card tricks aren't enough!

This is a must have for any magician. Moreover, the teaching is perfect (and very funny I must say). Definitely looking forward to more of Michael Feldman's work.