Dan and Dave Buck

Fission for Aces

An eight is turned face up on top of the deck. In a splitting action, the eight is ripped into two fours of matching color. One of the fours is handed out, as the remaining four is this time split at the fingertips into two two's. Lastly, as you can imagine, a two is split into two aces.

This quick trick is extremely visual - everything is done at the fingertips.


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Customer reviews for Fission for Aces


This effect is better to do fast. Splitting the cards several times is really amazing, and not giving the spectators much time to think, will provide you more reaction. The teaching is easily understandable. The moves are medium in difficulty. Not hard, but you need to practice to be able to do the tricks fast enough.



I had got the trilogy and this trick is a bonus on the Collection. It looks absolutely amazing and flashy. I really like this trick! The main move is a variation of a snap change which is genius. It does require you to put time and dedication into practicing the trick. That's the whole point of magic. You also might want to use a new deck of card because the stiffer the card, the better the change will look, and the faster speed at which you do it. The teaching is clear and this will leave your spectator with lots of question.



When I got the trilogy, I tried learning the main variation, but I gave up and learned this one instead. It proved to be better then the original! This was my favorite trick for a long time. Although you have to practice it a bit, it's not too hard and it gets amazing reactions.



You can do this trick while trying to reveal 2 aces before a trick to make it look cool and effective. I got it of the trilogy set in the tricks Collection. I like the part where you split the 4s into 2s. it isn't hard but requires little setup before doing this trick.



This trick is extremely fun to do and never fails to impress both normal spectators and magicians! Some parts require a little bit of practice to be able to perform it smoothly and the part where you split the 4 is also a little angle sensitive but once you have it down its a great addition to your trick arsenal! Buy it! NOW!