Dan and Dave Buck

Hedbergs Peak

If you ever need a quick trick to send that "wise guy" back to where he belongs, this is it! Leave your heckler completely stumped after thinking they had you all along. It's another quick transposition effect but opens several other possibilities with a new move called The V Switch.


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Customer reviews for Hedbergs Peak


This is a cool trick to have in your repertoire. It's short, easy to learn and perform and has an interesting, double effect. On the other hand, this is one of those tricks which if not carefully explained to the audience with concise patter, will not be fully understood by the spectators. I'm mostly talking about the second phase which even I didn't initially understand the first time I watched the performance. But, if performed concisely, with clear reminders here and there to which card is on top and which card is on the bottom, this effect packs a mean punch to the audience.

The effect itself having been discussed, this purchase is equally useful for the technique that it teaches. The V Switch is a move that I've been using since when trying to create effects or even when performing impromptu tricks. I recommend this to anyone whose curiosity happens to be tickled by this effect. You won't go wrong in buying this.



I have The Trilogy and learned this and it was worth it. This is one of those effects that have a purpose and use several sleights to achieve. This is simple and teaches you sleights you can apply to many different tricks. They are clever and this trick is hard hitting. It only take some time to get the trick down and about a week to master. Always good to have this trick. This is worth the price and the teaching is wonderful.



Confusing is the reaction I get when I perform this trick to people. Really, they will be confused about which is the top or bottom of the deck. Really great illusion. Easy to learn, easy to perform. It's an impromptu trick. You start clean and end clean.



Hedbergs peak is a great impromptu trick that is one of my go to effects, due to its lack of set up, simplicity, brevity and twist ending. I've gotten nothing but positive reactions from this trick and it is one of my favorite tricks by Dan and Dave.



this is a trick that, provided you have a little bit of experiance, you will get down very quickly. Hedbergs Peak is a very nice trick to have in your repertoire, you can do it anytime, anywhere. The trick itself is a very neat effect and in combination with the TiVo Transpo is killer. You should pick this up if you are looking for an easy impromptu effect. In addition, the V switch is also a very useful sleight to have.



This is a quick little effect that can receive great reactions. This isn't real easy, but it's not tough either. A little confidence will help, but mostly it's about practice. The instruction isn't real lengthy, but it's definitely sufficient for an effect like this. If you get this smooth like the trailer, it looks awesome. No one sees the end coming and it hits hard. In short, put in the necessary practice time to pull it off and you'll be pleased with the results. Best thing is that it's totally impromptu. Bonus!