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Aces/Wild - Gimmicked Cards Accessory
Aces/Wild - Gimmicked Cards
Accessory by Vanishing Inc. Magic - $10.00

Since we released 'Aces/Wild ', a number of people have got in touch to ask if we stock the gimmicked cards that are necessary for some of the routine. Well, we listened to you and now we do! You will receive all of the gimmicked cards required to perform all of the routines in...

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Ace Problem Magic download (video)
Ace Problem
Magic download (video) by Creative Artists - $4.95

We are pleased to be able to offer you Ace Problem, an visual variation of the Hofzinser Ace Problem. Effect: From a deck of cards, the four aces are shown. These aces are placed in a pile, face down to one side. A selection is then made from the deck, for example the king of...

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World's Greatest Magic - Collins' Aces DVD or download
World's Greatest Magic - Collins' Aces
DVD or download by Various - $20.00 or download for $15.00

In 1912, legendary British conjurer Stanley Collins invented a card trick where the four Aces inexplicably vanished almost in plain sight of the spectators. The trick (versions of which were originally named the Omega Ace Trick) immediately caught the attention of the magic world as no gaffed...

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