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Malini Egg Bag (Red) Accessory
Malini Egg Bag (Red)
Accessory by Iñaki Zaballeta - $25.00

A trick that has successfully been sold for years is in stock and has now been reloaded. The classic Malini Egg Bag, a routine used over and over again with confidence by professional magicians today and in years past all over the world! See why! An egg vanishes and is produced as...

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Automatic Milk Glass Trick
Automatic Milk Glass
Trick by Aprendemagia - $39.95

Imagine making a drink in a Venti size (that’s 16 oz!) Starbucks hard plastic cup, slowly…disappear. Yes! It’s the Vanishing Milk Pitcher updated for the new millennium (without the pitcher!) What’s different? It comes with a special valve, so you can control the speed of the vanishing...

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Gravitron/Automatic Daley Magic download (video)
Gravitron/Automatic Daley
Magic download (video) by Justin Miller - $10.00

2 astounding effects for the price of 1! With Gravitron, you'll be able to make coins stick together or lift cards off the table just by placing your fingers on top. You can even lift the entire deck! Then in Automatic Daley, spectators get to experience multiple WTF moments as black Aces and red...

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