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Mystery School Book
Mystery School
Book by Jeff McBride - $100.00

First held in 1992, Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride's Mystery School promised to be a magic conference unlike any other: a group of magicians dedicated to seriously exploring the deeper sides of the art of magic. This event would not be held in a hotel...

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What's in a Name Trick
What's in a Name
Trick by Harvey Raft - $39.95

A spectator is asked to secretly print the name of someone, living or dead, on a sheet of paper. The performer divines the name! The performer is 100% correct! No electronics required!

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Bring Back The Schtick DVD
Bring Back The Schtick
DVD by Quentin Reynolds - $35.00

"If you want to know what a professional children’s entertainer looks like, acts like and thinks like then this double DVD set should surely be an essential resource.” That’s what Richard McDougall said about Quentin Reynolds Bring Back The Schtick. Over 4 hours of performances, explanations,...

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