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Balanced Trick
Trick by Eric Ross - $49.95

The performer hands the spectator three American coins for examination. A quarter, a dime, and a nickel. After the spectator is convinced the coins are real, the performer asks for the quarter and the nickel. At the performers finger tips, inches away from the spectators eyes, the...

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Balancing Coin - 2 Euros Gimmicked coin
Balancing Coin - 2 Euros
Gimmicked coin by Tango - $34.50

The magician puts a coin over the edge of the other coin. Both coins are keeping an amazing balancing act.

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Inline Trick
Trick by Kelvin Trinh - $30.00

Simple quick tricks are fun and this puzzling effect is just that. Offering a test of balance, you give half the cards from a deck to your spectator whilst keeping the remaining half of the deck. You both select a card and see how well you can balance your cards before they fall....

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