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Card Cascade Wallet Trick
Card Cascade Wallet
Trick by Heinz Minten - $48.00

The perfect comedy solution to Pick A Card plot, it's the Cascade Card Wallet! A spectator selects a card and loses it in the deck. You introduced a wallet and show one card inside...but it's the wrong card. So you show more cards, as 10 cards in plastic pockets cascade down. No of those is...

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Beyond ESP 3 Trick
Beyond ESP 3
Trick - $29.95

"Outstanding," Richard Osterlind. "Awesome," Lee Earle. "The best set of Marked ESP cards I have ever seen," Nicholas Einhorn. These are just a few of the comments we received upon the launch of the Beyond ESP deck, an aesthetic leap forward to the tried and tested ESP packs. First and foremost -...

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World's Beyond Book
World's Beyond
Book by Paul Curry - $47.00

Do you remember the first time you saw Paul Curry's "Out of This World" performed? Do you remember how badly it fooled you? Know now that you can own a book full of such magic by the only man who could imagine it. This book has been out of print for several years and has been receiving...

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