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Handsome Jack, etc. Book
Handsome Jack, etc.
Book by John Lovick and Handsome Jack - $55.00

Forget about his incredible looks, Handsome Jack’s skill, humor, and humility, make him a great writer of magic. David Blaine Handsome Jack is two of the best magicians I know. Derek DelGaudio This book is a vault of original, powerhouse material. Michael Carbonaro Handsome Jack,...

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Babel Book Test (3 Books) Trick
Babel Book Test (3 Books)
Trick by Vincent Hedan - $300.00

Years in the making, Babel is packed full with features allowing you to present miraculous book test effects. Each of the special books in Babel has been carefully designed with one simple goal: to create super direct, super strong mentalism. You don't touch anything, you don't even look,...

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Jack Carpenter Live Lecture Live lecture
Jack Carpenter Live Lecture
Live lecture by Jack Carpenter - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

Jack Carpenter has contributed over 40 years of his life to the art of magic. His sleight of hand techniques are truly one of a kind. Jack WILL completely FRY your mind as he takes you down one path only to completely de-rail what you THINK you know.. THAT is the reason why Jack Carpenter has been...

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