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Dunninger Knows Book
Dunninger Knows
Book by Joseph Atmore - $70.00

"This book is the result of years of passionate research, giving us an insight into the life and career of Dunninger. Most of these anecdotes would have been lost to our history without Joe Atmore's meticulous work. This is a rare opportunity to get inside the mind of Dunninger." David...

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What I Wish I Knew in 72 Book
What I Wish I Knew in 72
Book by Paul Gertner - $19.95

What I Wish I Knew in 72 or 16 Tips on How to Build a Career That Won't Disappear! 16 Valuable Lessons & 5 of Paul's Favorite Tricks. A magic lecture sharing 40 years of experience. The inspiration for this lecture happened while Boris Wild was interviewing me for an...

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Know-Book Book
Book by Himitsu Magic - $99.95

Know-Book is the latest ingenious creation from Himitsu Magic. A sure-fire, solid mentalism effect that is sure to leave your spectators in total disbelief! The effect is as follows. You hand your spectator a deck of cards, which they can freely shuffle using any method they like. They...

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