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International Dream Fly DVD
International Dream Fly
DVD by Michael Afshin - $37.95

A Startling New Professional Coin Routine INTERNATIONAL DREAM FLY - is an entirely new and absolutely incredible routine by underground coin ninja Michael Afshin. In fact, it's so beautiful and so striking, that it's almost impossible to capture in text the visual mastery and magic you'll see in...

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Chain Release Hand-Cuff Accessory
Chain Release Hand-Cuff
Accessory by Uday Jadugar - $38.00

Magician's hands are locked with handcuff by a spectator which then is released within fraction of a second.

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Released Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Cameron Francis and Liam Montier - $10.00

Released is a brand new e-book of card magic that is, frankly, sexual in nature (well, sexual if you're really into card tricks) and was created by professional magicians Cameron Francis and Liam Montier. If magic were wrestling, these guys would be the Legion of Doom. Between them,...

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