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Finding the Center Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Finding the Center
Book by Antonio Zuccaro - $29.99

Finding the Center is a treatise on the world's most elusive sleight: the center deal. Often talked about and seldom attempted, this move has become the stuff of legends. Seemingly from nowhwere, Italian author Antonio Zuccaro has emerged as one of the leading exponents of the sleight, and he has...

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No Props Needed DVD or download
No Props Needed
DVD or download by James Coats - DVD $19.95 or download for $9.95

Have you ever been caught without cards, coins, or props? This DVD will show you how to perform magic using only your body. Join world re-known magician James Coats, as he shows you ways to perform magic without props.Featuring the never before seen five person, no gimmick, no prop levitation that...

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Finding the Funny Book
Finding the Funny
Book by Ryan Pilling - $20.00

A Professional Entertainer's Guide to Improvisation, Ad-Libs, and Audience Interaction Learn the techniques to creating inspired moments of comedy, and getting the best out of your audience volunteers. This guidebook will help the practiced magician, juggler, clown and other entertainers...

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