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Wowlett Trick
Trick by Russ Stevens - $99.99

From a concept by Luke Dancy, "The Wowlett" allows you to perform card to wallet like never before. At last Katsuya Masuda's Wow Gimmick is made logical and completely invisible. Important: the Wow Gimmick is sold separately and not included with this wallet. In effect, the...

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Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox DVD and book set
Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox
DVD and book set by Stephen Hobbs - $49.95

Beginning in January of 2014, Stephen Hobbs – author of Modus Operandi: The Magic of Jack Carpenter, Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing, and The Essential Sol Stone – commenced a project that was heralded to be both crazy and impossible: an online web ‘zine to be released every week for...

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Japan Ingenious Book
Japan Ingenious
Book by Richard Kaufman and Steve Cohen - $60.00

For many years, Richard Kaufman has been a conduit, bringing amazing Japaenese magic to English speaking magicians. His tricks in Genii and books Five Times Five Japan and New Magic of Japan show that many Japanese magicians think differently. The magic in these pages is not standard...

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