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Moustache Trick
Trick by Chris Ballinger - $24.99

In a word: fun. If you do strolling magic, restaurant work, or are just looking for something that isn't JUST another card trick, this is a great pocket miracle. The Effect: The spectator selects a moustache style form a pack of cards depicting 26 different moustache styles. The...

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Look Sharp Trick
Look Sharp
Trick by Wayne Goodman - $25.95

"Wayne Goodman has come up with an idea I can guarantee will be used by magicians world-wide. You would be mad not to carry this!" - Peter Nardi Wayne's Look Sharp concept is simple but extremely ingenious. Imagine being able to turn a sharpie marker (something we all use) in to a chosen playing...

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Vintage-Looking Card Case Accessory
Vintage-Looking Card Case
Accessory by Card-Shark - $32.90

With beautiful ornaments and brass intarsia, perfect for storing the Medieval Tarot or Gypsy Deck cards. There is no better way to present these old-looking cards! Made of wood. Outer measurements: 150 x 100 x 65 mm, inner measurements: 125 x 73 x 40mm

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