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Book of the Week – Just For Fun

Don't leave the page after you read the next sentence or you'll be missing out.  This is a book about kids' magic and comedy.  Kids' magic is really hard. We all admire the workers in the trenches that can not only control but also entertain kids.  Being funny though, is universal. This book will teach EVERY magician better ways to be funny. There are lessons for us all to learn from inside Just ...

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Magic Book of the Week – Faro Exposed

This week, Andi talks about a book you've probably not heard of. Faro Exposed. It's about cheating at the game of Faro, not the shuffle. Faro was as popular in its day as Hold 'Em is today.  This rare book exposes the cheating techniques used in the game, and predates Erdnase by decades.  There were only 3 known copies of the book until recently, when 500 were printed. We got 100 copies, ...

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Magic Book of the Week | Del Ray

Welcome to the first of a new feature we'll be running on the blog called Magic Book of the Week. Each week, one member of the VI team will talk about a book they love.  This week, Andi chats about Del Ray - America's Foremost. Not a traditional magic book in so far as it's not rammed full of tricks, but watch the short video below to find out why Andi loves ...

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