Five Reasons Why You Should Be Performing FACT

By George - Sunday, March 24, 2019

Caleb Wiles was the first artist we ever worked with at Vanishing Inc. so when he asked us to produce his most famous card effect (FACT), we were so excited. In fact, none of knew how it worked so I think half of our excitement was relief. After being fooled for so long, we would finally get to find out how the trick worked. I wanted to share my five favourite things about the trick:

1. It's easy to do: The spectator does all of the work for you ... and the special deck does all of the work for them. If there was a category easier than self-working, FACT would fit into that.

2. It's a completely unique trick: FACT doesn't feel like a normal card trick. First of all, the spectator is cutting, shuffling and dealing the cards. Then, they find their own selection.

3. You can customise it: We provide you with an extra set of blank gimmicked cards so that you can write your own instructions, in any language.

4. There are layered methods: Caleb is great at layering methods. His tricks are so deceptive because he avoids obvious solutions. FACT combines three clever principles which make the trick as unfathomable for magicians and laymen.

**5. The presentation is uilt into the deck so if you are not one for coming up with a script, you can rest easy! The deck does the talking for you.

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