Introducing Vanishing Inc. Wonders

By Vanishing Inc. - Saturday, May 15, 2021

We pinch ourselves every morning. It’s truly incredible to look back and see how far this little passion project between two best friends has come in the last 10+ years. Vanishing Inc. started as us (Josh and Andi) simply wanting to create a magic shop that we, as professional magicians, would want to shop at.

Out of context, this doesn’t seem like that novel of a concept. But, it’s important to remember that the industry at that time was overrun with deceptive advertisements boasting false claims of overnight success or treating magic solely as a vehicle to attract the opposite sex. Online magic shops were more focused on quick sales than building a sense of community like what was often found at brick & mortar shops. So, we set out to bring all of the best qualities of brick & mortar magic shops online.

Since then, we have not only evolved into one of the largest magic companies in the world, but have also become one of the most respected producers of premium quality magic tricks, magic books and magic downloads. More than that though, we’ve formed a sense of community through our various magic conventions, blogs, live stream events, Masterclasses, Vanishing Inc. Showtimes, charitable programs and other amazing resources.

Through all this we’ve never lost sight of our ultimate goal: helping every magician be the best version of themselves by being the most honest and transparent supplier of high-quality magic tricks and invaluable knowledge. Now, as we continue to evolve our company, we’ve infused this core principle into a brand new project that we are thrilled to introduce: Vanishing Inc. Wonders.

Fine art hung on a wall next to a shelf filled with amazing puzzles

Everyone on the Vanishing Inc. team is a magician and, like all of you, has a special room or area dedicated to developing and rehearsing their material. It’s so important for this “magic room”, “magic den” or even “magic desk” to promote creativity. In fact, many magicians have gone to great lengths scouring the internet, thrift stores and flea markets to find unique art, decorations and other items that embody their personalities and get those right-brain synapses firing. Now, you can find everything you need to decorate your home or office, and even some amazing things you can take with you on the go, with our special shop designed by magicians, for magicians.

Vanishing Inc. Wonders is a boutique purveyor of the unusual providing unique gifts for unique people. We’ve partnered with some of the most talented independent artists and makers in the world to bring you the finest collection of one-of-a-kind art, clothing, puzzles, games, mindful play toys, productivity tools and other oddities. Every item has been hand-selected by an elite group of magicians and mentalists to ensure it blends wonder and style in a way that effectively suits the personalities of the most curious individuals.

Everything we do revolves around pushing the art of magic forward and making the lives of our Vanishing Inc. Family better. This is just the first step in a new era for Vanishing Inc. and we’re so excited to watch it grow together with you.

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