June 2019 Website Updates

By Vanishing Inc. - Tuesday, June 11, 2019

We believe that it's important to keep you in the loop of the changes that we make to our website. We tend to make small changes every single day, but here are the biggest changes this month:

1. New Explanations mini site: if you have purchased one of our tricks, you'll notice that it comes with a link to download the instructions. We've redesigned that entire section to make it easier to use, and a little nicer on the eye. (If you purchase a trick directly from us, it goes straight into your downloads area, but if you didn't ... we still love you!)

2. Improved invoices for EU customers: the European Union have some pretty strict requirements for what should be on an invoice. We've worked with our accountants to ensure that the invoices contain everything the EU require. (And that was the most boring job we did this month!)

3. Change address on an open order: you can now change the address on your order, right up to the minute that we ship it. Simply log into your account and change your address on your order page.

4. A big change to the checkout behind the scenes: starting in September, the EU are making it a requirement for online stores to support two-factor authentication on card cards in an effort to decrease online fraud. This was the biggest technical undertaking we took on this month and due to the work involved, we suspect most other magic shops won't implement it. However, it is important to us to ensure that customer's credit cards are secure and thus welcomed the work involved.

5. Blog search: check out the blog home page to search older blog posts!

6. Mobile and speed improvements: last month we made some massive improvements to our website speed. This month, we continued making changes in that department, along with a load of small improvements for our mobile users.

Next month, we'll be continuing to improve the mobile experience and have a big new section of the website to launch!

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