My Trip To Vanishing Inc. Asia

By Kyle Littleton - Friday, November 22, 2019

I recently visited the office of our Chinese manufacturer while on a lecture tour in China. These are the people that make most of our products, and in my case, they hand made each of my most recent releases, No Sense and 3G.

I ended up spending a few days with them, going to The Great Wall, exploring the city and eating more sensational food, than I ever thought possible! If you would have told me I'd enjoy eating gluten on a stick, me, and all my other California friends would think you're crazy, but I did, and I'm still bloated from how much of it I consumed.

Chinese food

In the office, I shared some magic with them and was delighted to find how enthused they are about magic. Every part of it! Performing, methods and each of them have cards and props all over their desks, so any spare second they have, they can further play and learn. They even have their own magic theater inside the building, and it’s no joke! A full stage, magic treasures throughout the room, and a fully stocked bar that's designed perfectly for close up magic. Basically, they're set up for Michael Scott's ideal office party!

Vanishing Inc. team on Great Wall of China

A lot of people warned me working for a magic company would cause my love for magic to be tainted, I’d look at magic as a job but in actuality working for Vanishing inc. has only strengthened that love! I'm constantly around people who share an immense joy and excitement for all things magic. It was exciting to see that joy carries over throughout the company even on the other side of the world.

Magic Shop The entrance to the production office.

Vanishing Inc. Asia Team From left to right: Jiaqi, Milo, Erlich, Kyle, Chun, Jingjing, Zivi, Shu, Hui, Kun. Not pictured: Wang Ji.

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