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By Vanishing Inc. - Wednesday, August 7, 2019

We love magic books, we love magic podcasts, and so it makes perfect sense that we also love magic audiobooks!

Sadly, there are have been very few magic audiobooks ever produced. There have been a few audiobooks of public magic books (such as Derren Brown's books), but to our knowledge, only two audiobooks of books aimed at magicians. Both were produced by Vanishing Inc. They are:

Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz - read by Darwin himself, this is one of Andi and Josh's favorite magic theory books. Darwin covers how to construct a magic trick and it's a must-listen for every magic creator and performer.

Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber - read by our friend Kent Axell, this theory book is raved about by some of the best magicians and mentalists in the world. It's an audiobook with one aim: to make you a better performer. And after one listen, we think you will become a better performer! At the end, we even provide an hour-long interview with Ken Weber.

Sadly, those are the only two magic audiobooks that we are aware of. Let us know your thoughts — should we record more?

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Wednesday, 07 August 2019 22:05 PM - Reply to this comment

There’s also Wonder Words by Kenton Knepper


Wednesday, 07 August 2019 22:44 PM - Reply to this comment

Definitely. For those of us who can't find the balance in time to sit down and read a book, it's another medium by which to digest creators content. For people who struggle to read or even to go so far as can't read, it's a solid deal.

Moreover, the way in which an audio book is delivered (accepting it can't always be recorded by the author) also helps a reader get to know the author better, I think; it certainly helps evoke the emotions and excitement of the words on the page.

The podcasts have been GREAT to hear conversations and those involving thoughts and theories have been wonderful. Perhaps it would be interesting to have recorded conversations about books (or sections of books) so authors, or other experts on the material, can expand on the written word and offer further thoughts/elicit ideas from one another as they're discussed. They would be a sort of publicised book club!


Thursday, 08 August 2019 04:54 AM - Reply to this comment

I much prefer audio.

There’s also some (not good) beginner books on audible.

I wish there were more audio books, for sure. I think it’s challenging to teach effects on audio.


Thursday, 08 August 2019 22:24 PM - Reply to this comment

Eugene Burger’s Growing In The Art Of Magic MP3’s are a must for everyone who wants to be refreshed about magic.


Friday, 09 August 2019 03:01 AM - Reply to this comment

I think "most" magic books do not lend themselves to being any better as an audiobook since the illustrations / photos play a pivotal role in the leaning process. "Theory Books" are much better suited for the audiobook format.

I do have a question if anyone from VI knows "for sure", Will there be a new audiobook when Ken Weber releases the newer version of "Maximum Entertainment" (2.0) that he announce would be coming with edited and added material in the near future?

If so, Will those who bought the first version from VI get the updated version automatically (for free or for a nominal fee for the new material)? I own a copy of the book itself but want to getv the audiobook also. However,I am waiting to see if a "2.0 Audiobook" comes out. I would probably go ahead and buy the first version if I kn ew I would get the update without buying for "new full price" again.

No hurry for the answer, I would much rather wait a while until Mr Weber could be contacted,have it run by him and a group decision come to. I look forward to hearing the answer in the future.

On another point, Juan Tamariz has a few theory books I would love to hear on audiobook ie "5 points"
"Verbal Magic" and the "Magic Rainbow" (I believe both English and Spanish readings would sell very well). Just thinking out loud. :-)


Tuesday, 13 August 2019 00:44 AM - Reply to this comment

I've listened to both of these audiobooks in entirety. I've posted detailed reviews of them elsewhere, but the short version is that they are outstanding, and I highly recommend them. Very convenient to listen to while out driving or walking. I'd love to see more like these!


Tuesday, 13 August 2019 20:46 PM - Reply to this comment

The older & busier one gets, the more welcomed audio formats are. I often make my device read toe if able to.


Monday, 14 September 2020 12:42 PM - Reply to this comment

How about Verbal Magic? the effects are done by following verbal instructions, it could be a book easy to follow in audiobook format.


Tuesday, 09 February 2021 22:40 PM - Reply to this comment

There's also the Skinner Tapes, which aren't quite audiobooks, but are very worth consuming.

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