Magifest 2022 Performer Spotlight | Denis Behr

By Vanishing Inc. - Saturday, December 11, 2021

professional magician Denis Behr

We're so excited to have Denis Behr at Magifest 2022. His show and lecture will, of course, be incredible. But, his exclusive workshop is truly going to be one-of-a-kind experience you can’t afford to pass up. Tickets are extremely limited, so make sure you register for the Denis Behr workshop today.

Before then, we pass it off to Denis to tell you a little more about himself…

What Is your favorite convention memory?

My first proper convention was FISM in Dresden in 1997. It was a fantastic experience with so many great magicians to see. And I even got a break from school on the days of the congress!

What legacy do you hope to leave on the magic world?

I'm trying to publish only worthwhile material, and keep working on the research tools Conjuring Archive and Conjuring Credits.

What excites you most about the future of magic?

I love that close-up theaters are on the rise and hope that trend keeps going. They're my favorite venue to perform in.

What’s one mistake in your career you encourage others not to repeat?

The first trick I ever published uses a change bag. Be better than that.

What do you consider to be “real magic”?

I don't believe in real magic, but it depends on what you mean by it. You can say something is "magical" if you define that to be "positively emotionally overwhelming" or something like that.

What is the wildest event you’ve ever performed at?

The Oktoberfest in Munich. "Real magic" is happening there.

What’s your favorite fun fact?

Beer improves your quality of life*

If you had Josh and Andi over for dinner, what would you cook?

A cake.

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