Michael Vincent on Edward G. Brown

By Vanishing Inc. - Saturday, March 2, 2019

When British card expert, Michael Vincent, heard that we were republishing The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown, he was quick to share his encouragement. When he had received the new book set, he sent over these thoughts on Edward Brown's magic:

Michael Vincent doing a card trick When we think of great British Card Experts, Roy Walton, Alex Elmsley, and Jack Avis come to mind. Edward G. Brown is a name which has been in my orbit since I first discovered his name. His material makes for excellent study.

This new production by Vanishing Inc. Magic is gorgeous. It does justice to the legacy of a British magician who left far too soon. His material is based on the classic plots and his choices regarding handling procedures reveal to me a magical student who really appreciated THE EFFECT. He saw his tools as a means to an end.

I am excited to revisit The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown because his work deserves deep study and evaluation. I think this new book by Vanishing Inc. will inspire a new appreciation for this great magician, one we should be proud to mention in the same breath as our other heroes.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Michael! The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown is now available!

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