My Favorite Card Tricks: Michel Huot

By Alex Robertson - Thursday, March 19, 2020

We asked some of magic's greatest minds to share with us their favorite card tricks. This week is the turn of Michel Huot, you may know him from his hit effect, Socks. Over to Michel:


Torn and restored Transpo from David Williamson. Man oh man. If I owed a beer to David each time people went crazy over that trick, David would be drunk for 1000 years. This is always the first card effect I do for corporate gig. Easy to understand yet so powerful. Btw, most of the time, I stop after the first phase….then ask ‘any questions’ and wait. Eventually someone will say: ‘can you restore the card’…

Multiple Selection. I love that trick so much. So powerful and engaging. I use the same control/force than the one described in Fusillade by Doc Eason. Love the trick because it is a great way to ask everybody’s names and also, because there is so much place for improv. You can jazz the routine up as you go. I of course go the extra mile to remember all the names, and this is probably what they are talking about after.

The last one, I call it The Everywhere card. It is a mixture of many things. It starts as the Ambitious card but I throw so many things in there: card under the drink (influenced by Bannon), the 51 cards to pocket (Williamson), card in wallet with the finale being the Omni Deck or Phantom Deck (Joshua Jay). Depending on the venue, I might finish with card in mouth.

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