My Favorite Card Tricks: Nikola Arkane

By Alex Robertson - Thursday, February 27, 2020

We asked some of magic's greatest minds to share with us their favorite card tricks. This week is the turn of Nikola Arkane. You may know her from winning two IBM competitions, or from her performances at The Magic Castle. Over to Nikola:


What are my favourite cards tricks hmm… I have quite a few. I think it might be best to discuss the ones I’ve been working with in 2019.

These effects are all in my current repertoire. I love every one of them for different reasons. I have taken these effects, reworked them, added my personality and performed them as much as possible. They have given me the confidence to perform close up for adults, my first year of doing it professionally.

  1. Monkey in the middle by Bill Goldman

I discovered this little packet trick whilst performing at The Chicago Magic Lounge in July and it has been with me ever since. It’s quick, clean and has a simple plot. This is a cool sandwich effect that doesn’t take long to master. Monkey in the Middle is a great way to introduce cards to any audience.

  1. The Amazing and Incredible Magic Trick by John Carey

A fun take on anniversary waltz and a trick that I took with me to the Magic Castle in my Close Up set. I love tricks that can be used to engage an audience. The idea of getting cards signed and making those signatures magically move and come together in the end was just perfect. With John’s permission I will be publishing my version of this effect in my Lecture notes, The Chaos Within in 2020.

  1. Emotional Reaction by Dai Vernon

The classics are classics for a reason and this is a little beauty of a trick. A ‘do as I do’ trick with a twist. This is an absolute fooler and can be done with any shuffled pack of cards - which I just love!

Because I’m a girl does that mean I get four…?

  1. Mystical 13 by Howard Hamburg

I was lucky to have spent some time with Howard at the Magic Castle and he shared this gem with me. I’m not going to say a thing only that Howard is booked to perform at the Session and I’m warning you now prepare yourselves to be amazed!--

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Wednesday, 01 January 2020 00:15 AM - Reply to this comment

Good stuff Nikola. I will have to check some of those out. Great content idea VIM


Friday, 28 February 2020 09:52 AM - Reply to this comment

Congratulations Nikola. You've developed from assistant to professional so quickly I can't keep up with you.

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