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New Magic Venue in London With Just 90 Seats

The Abandoned Rooms is a brand new venue in London that will be dedicated to magic. It aims to recreate a speakeasy for magic in the basement of The Mandrake which opened last year. 

It will finally give magicians the chance to work a room designed for more intimate performances. 

The UK’s own Dynamo is to become the first performer at the venue. His show will run from November 15 until November the 22nd and is entitled Times Are Gone For Honest Men, which sounds like a Cohen Brothers movie title!

There will be two shows a night, at 8pm and 10pm. 

Ticket prices range from £100 to £1,500. The high end can be tailored to include cocktails, a Michelin star dinner, a night in the hotel and even a meet and greet with the man himself. 

Transitioning from TV to the stadium size tour must have been a challenge. Now, switching it down to just 90 seats gives Dynamo the chance to perform a much more intimate choice of material. 

We at Vanishing Inc wish the enterprise the best of luck and hope it’s a huge success. 

Tickets are available here:

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