Stage Invasion

By Joe McKay - Thursday, February 18, 2021

Here is an idea from Penn Jillette that changed my life.

He said that every person who performs on stage should have a point of view. They should have some core message they want to communicate to the audience.

The analogy he gave was a good one.

He talked about how sometimes at a music concert a fan will break through the security and run on to the stage.

They will get to a microphone and have access to it for about 5 seconds before they get bundled off the stage.

Penn Jillette is a big music fan and has seen this a lot at live concerts.

Anyway, what he noticed is that people make a massive effort to break through and get on the stage. However, when they eventually get to the microphone - and everyone is watching them - all they can do is shout nonsense into the microphone.

His point is that a lot of people want to be performers or artists. But they don't actually know what the key idea is that they want to communicate to their audience.

What do you want to communicate?

Reader comments:


Thursday, 18 February 2021 16:21 PM - Reply to this comment

"You got this. Keep moving, you are enough"


Friday, 19 February 2021 21:08 PM - Reply to this comment

I want you to leave the show with two things: A sense of Wow! And a sense of wonder!
Stuart Z

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