The Truly Fantastic Move

By Joshua Jay - Sunday, December 6, 2020

This will only appear to those serious students are willing to go on a scavenger hunt, but I think there is an outstanding presentational angle buried in Steve Draun’s underrated Secrets Draun from Underground.

Lauded as a great book for technical sleight-of-hand, I actually find the presentation of the trick on page 137 to be a very helpful idea for anyone presenting card magic.

The idea of the trick is that Steve Draun “presents” a move. That is, he explains that he will perform one of the most difficult moves in all of magic. He goes on to explain that he will causes two cards to transpose at the same time, and turn over a card in the center of the pack. The trick is good - but it’s just the trick.

The real gem--for me--is in the idea of “presenting” a move as, well, a move! There are so many effects with cards that are hard to justify or even explain. “I’m going to make the red Aces and the black Aces change places.” What if, instead, we presented this feat as exactly what it is: a move?

“I’m going to make this black Ace transpose with this red Ace. At the same time, I’m going to switch the places of this other black Ace with this red Ace. And I hope to do it all...without you noticing.”

I find this more truthful presentation is intriguing for spectators, and allows you to focus attention on your hands or the props, rather than away from them. I realize this won’t work for every close-up effect, but it’s an interesting presentational wrinkle to keep in mind.

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Thursday, 10 December 2020 01:47 AM - Reply to this comment

When I changed a part of my show with this exactly it changed the whole interaction and left the audience loving it more than my original way..


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