To Your Credit

By Harapan Ong - Thursday, November 21, 2019

I, like many magicians, am a big believer in the importance and necessity of crediting when publishing magic. To me, it is not just an academic exercise, nor is it just a way for magicians to claim ownership of their ideas. To me, crediting is a necessity to ensure the integrity and honesty of magicians publishing their work, and it serves as a way to give due recognition to the talented creators and artists within our community.

However, I think that despite being such a significant step in the publishing process, there are still a large number of magicians who are either unaware of the need for crediting, or are unaware of how to go about crediting other magicians in their published work. In fact, after having published Principia, one of the most common questions I get from magicians who have bought the book is, “How did you even find all those credits and references?”

I believe this is an information gap that I can help fill to a certain extent. Which is why I have just released a free (yes, FREE!) e-book with my friends here at Vanishing Inc. Magic, titled To Your Credit. With over 80 pages, this e-book aims to be an essential guidebook on everything you need to know about crediting. It provides some simple and realistic guidelines with regards to what and how you should credit other magicians when you publish. This e-book also gives some of my answers and thoughts to common questions magicians might have about this topic, including:

  • Where to find information on who to credit for a move or a trick
  • When and how you should ask for permission from others before publishing
  • The ever-controversial topic of “independent inventions” in magic
  • Ideas that are considered to be "public domain" for magicians
  • What to do if you find that someone has ripped you off
  • What to do if you find that you have made an error in your crediting
  • And many more!

If you are ever intending to publish and teach your creations to the larger community, I think you will find the information in this e-book to be invaluable and absolutely crucial. However, even if you are not a creator, I highly recommend that you also check out this e-book because in it, I also provide some of my tips on developing good habits when learning and watching magic, so that you can boost your own crediting knowledge every single day.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your free copy of To Your Credit right now! Have a good read, and let me know what you think about the e-book in the comments section below.

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