Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards 1,000 Deck Giveaway!

By Vanishing Inc. - Monday, September 14, 2020

Announcement for a giveaway of a free deck of cards with any $10 purchase of the 1,000s of playing cards available

The Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards Instagram page (@vanishingincplayingcards) just reached 1,000 followers and we are so excited! So, we wanted to show our gratitude in the best way possible.

Starting today (Sept. 14, 2020), we're launching an unprecedented "1,000 Deck Giveaway". From now through Friday (Sept. 18, 2020) at 3:00 p.m. EST (NYC time), a FREE BONUS DECK will be added to any purchase of $10 or more made at That's right, just make a $10+ purchase and a FREE DECK will be automatically added to your card.

Here's the best part though...

Each deck will be chosen at random from a pool of amazing decks that includes everything from Dapper Decks to Jerry's Nuggets and, for a few lucky individuals, extremely limited edition collectable playing cards such as Original Stud Playing Cardsor even some UNRELEASED DECKS. That means you could be the first in the world to own some of the newest decks on the market.

To get started, just visit or check out the official rules below.

Good Luck!

Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards 1,000 Deck Giveaway Official Rules

  • A free deck of cards will be be automatically added to your cart for any purchase of $10 or more made on between Sept. 14 at 3:00 p.m. EST and Sep. 18 at 3:00 p.m. EST.
  • This offer is only valid on and does not apply to orders (including those with playing cards) made on
  • Only one (1) free deck will be awarded per household. Any additional purchases will not include a bonus deck.
  • This giveaway will end at 3:00 p.m. EST on Sep. 18 or after the 1,000 deck prize pool has been depleted, whichever comes first.
  • Every free deck will be added at random. The value of your total purchase will have no impact on the free deck you receive.
  • Within the 1,000 deck prize pool, there will be five (5) “grand prize” decks of cards with a value of more than $30.
  • There is no guarantee that all 5 “grand prize” decks will be distributed unless the entire prize pool is depleted.
  • The free deck of cards has no cash value and may not be returned or exchanged for store credit.
  • All decisions made by Vanishing Inc. Magic are final.

Reader comments:


Tuesday, 15 September 2020 18:01 PM - Reply to this comment

To vanish inc.
This is your request to leave a comment, or Leave to post a about Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards 1,000 Deck Giveaway!.
In my case this will be a comnent or two, or even more in my case.
Vanish inc posted a questioner quite recently,
i left a review which also applies to this give away,
To Vanish inc:
Vanish inc is a great online magic shop.
Nothing needs to be improved on vanish inc web site.
Vanish inc, allways replys to my questions,
and there have been many of these, but this is very much appreciated, that vanish inc has time to reply to all of these.
Even a parcell went missing via the royail mail, and vanish inc replaced these, again this was very much appreciated.
Vsnish inc even gave me a reward for returning two items that were not for me, this was very thought full, as i was not doing this for a reward, and i was not expecting this, so a big thank you to vanish inc, and all the team involved, for all you have done to make my hobby, and my experience be even more of a magicall experience.
I think thats covered most if it.
Thank you.


Monday, 21 September 2020 01:01 AM - Reply to this comment

I just got an email about the 1000 deck give-away, is there still decks left?

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