This Week In Magic | 14th May 2020

By Damian Jennings - Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thinking On Sleights

Get Ready To Geek Out

We were watching the "Window Change", our best-selling color change download from Andrew Frost, he mentioned getting permission from Tony Chang to teach a variation of one of his moves. It reminded us of Tony's astounding download, "Thinking On Sleights". 

This is two hours of sleight geekery. You'll learn Tony's handling of Ricky Smith's Cherry Control, Rich Avile's Ballerina Change and enjoy interviews on sleight of hand theory as well as amazing tips on making your sleight of hand invisible. 

This is not beginner material, but if you put the work in and "think" along with Tony, your moves will be improved immeasurably. 

Dive in to this download today.  Buy "Distilled"Thinking On Sleights" Now

Pearl's Coin Trick of the Week: "Pearl's Coin"
Whilst we're all still performing virtually, here's some stunning coin magic to learn that all works perfectly on camera. If you're beginner to intermediate level, you will be able to do this - the explanations are superbly shot. Need more? Well it's almost half price!  Watch the trailer now.

My Way To Mentalism Book of the Week: My Way To Mentalism
Bag another bargain with this stunning mentalism book from "The Copperfield of Italy", Tony Binarelli. A stunning Mental Epic, a brilliant Headline Prediction, a very clever 10 Card Poker Deal and lots more besides. You can pick this up with a huge saving right now. 

Bicycle Insignia Back Deck of the Week: Bicycle Insignia Back
A custom deck of playing cards featuring the iconic Bicycle logo. Printed by The US Playing Card Company on a crushed classic stock. Bicycle Insignia Back is the first custom deck of playing cards from The Magic Firm. The iconic Bicycle logo adorns the card backs in a classic casino-style placement, creating a simple elegance.

The Insider podcast

Listen to our Podcast

It's not every day you get to hear from someone with a job title of "Head Magician" but that's exactly what today's guest is. At the Chicago Magic Lounge no less...let's chat with Ryan Plunkett.Listen to The Insider podcast

See you next week...

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