This Week In Magic | 21st May 2020

By Damian Jennings - Thursday, May 21, 2020

Pure Imagination

Come With Me... And You'll See...

Scott Robinson's Pure Imagination rode high at the top of our bestseller list week after week - until we sold out. We're very pleased to announce that it's back in stock and available for (free) shipping today.

It's an enchanting mixture of real-world worker card and coin magic. You can hear Scott chat a little about it in this episode of our podcast, The Insider.

Step into a world of Pure Imagination today

Selfie King Trick of the Week: "Selfie King"
"Selfie King" is the next generation of card magic. Two playing cards physically take a selfie and send it to your phone with this eye-popping miracle from Julio Montoro and Victor Sanz.

Watch the trailer now.

Tarbell Book of the Week: Tarbell Course In Magic

Magicians are in two distinct camps. Those of us that have all of Tarbell and those of us that should have all of Tarbell. If you fall into the latter camp, then today's your lucky day as they've just come back into stock.

Pick up this piece of history today and go digging for gold in the pages of these classic books.

You never know what you'll unearth with you go looking in Tarbell.

Jerry's Nuggets New Colors Deck of the Week: Jerry's Nuggets New Colors

Jerry's Nuggets got a makeover and now come in steel, black and yellow.

To grab these new versions, press the Add To Cart button and the color options become available.

The Insider podcast

Listen to our Podcast

Handsome Jack's ex-friend John Lovick is our guest this week on the show. 30 minutes that covers the importance of working with a director, studying things aside from magic and his Penn and Teller memorabilia collection. Listen to The Insider podcast

See you next week...

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