This Week in Magic | 23rd April 2020

By Vanishing Inc - Thursday, April 23, 2020

Wonder Acs

Fluid. Smooth. Surprising. "Wonder Aces" is just over a minute long, but it is ten years in the making. John Guastaferro (whose debut hit collection One Degree remains one of the most acclaimed Vanishing Inc. books in our history) is back with a sensational new download. "Wonder Aces" combines two older pieces with several brand new insights: the result is a silky smooth Ace routine.

You begin by producing Aces one by one: the first materializes, the second is found reversed in the pack, the third appears in a sandwich, and the fourth is "painted" across your fingers. But then things take off! The pack changes from blue to red, and to conclude, the Aces themselves change from blue to red. "Wonder Aces" is within the realm of the intermediate performer, and no special cards are required. John G gives clear, step-by-step instructions on how to perform "Wonder Aces," which features his elegant Ballerina Cut.

This routine is worthy of your attention, and it can be set to music or performed with narrative dialogue. A bargain at the offered price, add "Wonder Aces" to your repertoire today.

Download Wonder Aces Now

Timeless Deluxe Trick of the Week: "Timeless Deluxe"
"Timeless Deluxe" builds on one of the great mind reading effects ever: divining a chosen time. But to make the watch hands vanish? Now we're in miracle territory. This effect is great not only live on stage, but also in impromptu situations, for television or social media: it's quick, impossible, and most importantly, it's a rare visual for mentalism. Watch the trailer now.

Life's a Beach eBook of the Week: Life's a Beach, Volume 2
The vast majority of the 40 effects included here are with cards, but Gary Jones has provided a huge variety of plot and magic that always has a big surprise finish. Some of the effects will go straight into your working repertoire because they are just too good to miss! If you love close up magic that has attack and impact, you are going to love Life’s a Beach Volume 2.

Chess Club Cards Deck of the Week: Chess Club
Every aspect of the beautiful Chess Club Playing Cards was hand-sketched by designer Vivek Singhi. From the distinct back design to the reimagined suits, Court Cards, Jokers and special custom tuck box, no detail was spared in creating this one-of-a-kind deck of cards. They're printed on premium crushed stock by the USPCC and are marked for the suits.

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