Why Charity is So Important to Vanishing Inc.

By Andi Gladwin - Sunday, July 25, 2021

Since day one of Vanishing Inc., Josh and I have been committed to finding ways to give back to the community that embraces and supports us. In particular, we've recently focused on growing our charity ShareMagic (otherwise known as the Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund). This has been a huge success thanks to endless encouragement and kindness from Ginny and Simon Aronson, and other vital donors such as the hundreds of you that have either added donations to your orders or have made separate contributions.

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There's no doubt that charitable efforts are a vital part of Vanishing Inc. However, we recently stumbled upon something that sparked some conversation among our team about "why" charity is so important to us.

Our warehouse is currently undergoing some changes that will ultimately help improve the overall experience for all of you. And, during this process, we stumbled upon some extra copies of Stephen Hobb's Technical Toolboxes. If you aren't familiar with this product, it's a remarkable collection of 55 routines and 85 sleight of hand techniques that we truly believe any card magician could benefit from. More importantly though, thanks to Stephen's amazing generosity, all of the profits from this project have been, and will continue to be, donated to charity.

So, why are these efforts so important to us? I believe the answer to this, just like everything else we do as a company, revolves around our core goal: enhance the art of magic.

This is a responsibility we take very seriously, especially when working with young magicians. We want to be so much more than just a magic shop. And, by offering things such as youth scholarships for our conventions, ShareMagic talks, free Magic School lessons, and even building a theater and creativity center at The College of Magic in South Africa that gives less privileged magicians access to magic and remote learning, we have an incredible opportunity to mold the future of magic.

Over the last year, we've laid out the framework for the future of our charity. This has included progressing a number of dream projects that you'll be hearing about in the next few months. But, for now, we just want to thank every member of our Vanishing Inc. Family. Your continued support, whether its purchasing Hobb's Technical Toolbox or donating to ShareMagic, plays a key role in ensuring we can continue to help improve the art of magic.

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